Nutritional and Healthy eating advice

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Here at ELMfit its not about extreme diets, fad gimmicks, soups, shakes or anything else.. I believe in a lifestyle that can be maintained and balanced. Enjoy the foods, enjoy the treats and do not feel like you have to restrict. I still enjoy a glass of wine and meals out but what I do know if when and how to do it.

Sometimes yes we have to make changes to get this balance right, its lifestyle after all and can be a learning curve with many waves. I can’t offer you a magic pill, its not going to be a quick fix if habits of a lifetime have been ingrained but you won’t find me with 800kcal diets, or long lists of foods you can not eat.

What you will find is support, guidance and knowledge and a lifestyle that can be carried forward long after we have finished. Let the word diet go back to meaning what it was always meant to be “foods that we we habitually eat” NOT restriction or sacrifice.

Currently only available along side personal training packages.

I currently only offer guidance through monitoring your weekly food diary, meal planning will be coming. Watch this space…

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