Why use a personal trainer?

When exercising, it’s not one size fits all. ELMfit Personal training
is designed specifically for YOU, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR fitness goals.

Inline with current restrictions, personal training sessions are still available with equipment being cleaned after each session.

I will guide you and push you to your limits

Whether it be motivation you need, a little nudge (or big), someone to help you stay consistent or you want someone to help you test the limits and see what your body is capable of. Let it be me! I’ll be your personal cheerleader.

I will teach you correct techniques

I will observe, assist and correct where necessary. We will perform each exercise with a specific goal in mind – to feel the muscle and how it works – thus avoiding injury and maximising the benefit of the exercise. You WILL see better results.

I will help increase your strength

I want you to feel comfortable when it comes to lifting whether it be in the gym or at home. We’ll work together progressing week on week. Let’s test your limits! You’ll surprise yourself!

More than just fitness

Specialising in strength/weight training for all abilities.


I offer a FREE – NO OBLIGATION chance to meet and chat – whether that be at my house (so you can see the gym) or a local coffee shop. Let me treat you to a coffee and chat. We can design a programme that will suit you.


Please contact me
for a free no obligation chat

Nutrition guidance and meal
planning packages coming soon.